Personal consultations include a variety of services
to ensure that my clients have full benefit of a
thorough exam.
Initial first consultation will require approximately 1 1/2 hrs to
complete a thorough health analysis.

* Gael will take 17 photos with various lighting of both eyes.  These
will be saved to disc and e-mailed to client if desired.
* Health history will be discussed
* Present concerns discussed
* Kinesiology, also called muscle response testing, helps to   
determine energetic strength and weakness along meridians,
organs, and vitamin/mineral points.
* Final program consists of diet changes and supplements to effect
good health
* Correct supplements and dosage can be determined on an
individual basis.  This is something that cannot be done simply by
picking up herbs or supplements at a store and taking the
recommended dosage.  Please remember.....A supplement that is
good for one person, may not produce the same result in another!!
The first consultation is $195.00 - 90 minutes
$250.00 - 2 hours
Follow-up visits are $75.00 - 30 to 45 minutes
Disclaimer:  Gael Riverz is a traditional naturopath; and as such, does not give medical advice or treatment, does
not prescribe medicines and/or nutrition as regulated by the State of Wisconsin.  My services are non-medical,
non-diagnostic, and do no interpret pathological conditions.  I encourage my clients to see their primary care
physician in all medical matters.
Phone Consultations:
I will consult with clients, generally who are long distance, to educate
regarding herbals, enzymes, and diet changes that may offer help for existing
conditions, or preventive measures.  Rates are $1.00 per minute. $35/ 1/2 hr.  $65/ 1 hr.
Phone 262-470-0005 or contact
Personal consultation