Gael Riverz, traditional naturopathic doctor, will speak to your
students, business associates, employees, or any group
interested in natural health and/or Iridology.

My presentations are tailored to meet the requirements of the
audience to whom I am speaking.  Presentations generally
involve the following:

1.  Introduction of myself, my credentials, and how and why I
became interested in my profession.

2. Power Point Presentation of topic of discussion.

3. Demonstration of some of the tools I use in analysis; such
kinesiology, or iridology, and sclerology.

4.  Question and Answer period.

Some topics for presentation:

* Stress in the workplace and how to alter lifestyle to improve
coping skills.  Nutritional supplementation for the nervous and
glandular system.

What is Iridology and how can it help you personally to improve
your health and increase longevity.  Including some history of
iridology, scientific studies and research.

Nutrition and how to be sure your supplements are right for you.

What is Traditional Naturopathy and how can a naturopathic
doctor help you.  
Fees for speaking presentations are
$125 per hour.  Most presentations are
1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Fees are negotiable with non-profit
Speaking Engagements: