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Endometriosis is the presence of endometrium tissue outside of its usual location, the
uterus. Endometrial tissue may implant itself on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, abdominal
organs, and in rare cases, it may travel to the lungs, spinal cord and other extremities.
Excess estrogen stimulates the growth of this tissue. It still contains hormones and may
"bleed" during the monthly cycle.

Some of the symptoms are:
Severe abdominal pain around menstruation and ovulation
Excessive and irregular menstrual flows
Bleeding between cycles, which can be painful
Intestinal discomfort, Painful bowel movements and urination
Backaches, Mood swings, depression and irritability

Although the cause is not completely known, it is considered to be a 20th century disease,
mostly due to the modern American diet, faster lifestyles, stress, and delaying childbirth till
later years. Endometriosis patients tend to have these imbalances; Estrogen excess and
Progesterone deficiency, excess calcium, and magnesium deficiency. Essential fatty acid
deficiency, high stress, excess dietary caffeine, excess alcohol intake, and candida overgrowth.

On an emotional level, endometriosis is indicative of "not being on your right path in life."
Feeling confused, not sure which way you should be going. This can cause emotional pain
and unhappiness.

With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, supplements, as well as herbal support, it can be
managed very successfully.

Important Dietary Guidelines:

Reduce and eliminate ALL beef, pork, lamb, and dairy products (they contain an unusable
form of estrogen for the female body and create estrogen imbalance)
Avoid all caffeine, alcohol, sugars, acid-forming foods (red meat, dairy, excess
carbohydrates, especially refined foods)
Try a short juice fast, and use an herbal cleansing program to help clear out toxins. Eat
cultured foods, such as miso or tempeh, plenty of fresh greens, fruits, and a reasonable
amount of whole grains. Reduce salt intake as well. Include shitake mushrooms in the diet
regularly to inhibit abnormal tissue growth and build the immune system. Avoid yams,
wheat, citrus (foods that increase estrogen) Avoid X-rays, I.U.D.'s and tampons!
Some of other things that can outgas xenoestrogens (chemical estrogen) are plastics with a
rating of lower than 7 (you can find this located at the base of a plastic bottle).  There are certain
things that are very difficult to avoid that produce xenoestrogens such as: carpet fumes and
pesticides that are simply around us.  

Suggested Nutritional Supplements to choose from:
B Complex with extra folic acid and B6 (50-100 mg.)
Flax Seed Oil, Evening Primrose, or Black Current Seed oil daily
Vitamin E, 400-800 i.u. daily
Cal/ Mag/ Zinc supplement 3-4x day
Vitamin C
Plant-based liquid Vitamin/mineral supplement containing vitamins, macro, micro, and trace
minerals, amino acids, green foods, spirulina, algaes, electrolyte activators, live anti-
oxidants, all your essential fruits and vegetables, digestive plant enzymes, Co Q10, omega
fatty acids, and more! (Call me for details)

According to Dr. Hulda Clark's book, The Cure for All Diseases, she claims that
endometriosis patients may have Clonorchis, the human liver fluke, or Eurytrema, the
pancreatic fluke, which can invade the uterus wall, and travel outside of the uterus,
bringing the endometrial tissue with it. When you do a good herbal parasite cleanse as
well, the pain and symptoms disappear..

Since endometriosis is a "hyper-estrogenic" condition, the treatments call for lowering
estrogen levels in the body. Birth control pills are often used, estrogen replacement
therapy, surgery, or pregnancy (although very temporary). Danazol, a medication that is
often used for treatment, is a dangerous drug. It is a male steroid that creates a scary
scenerio of symptoms, including growth of facial and chest hair, acne, bloating, weight gain,
decrease in breast size, etc. The estrogen levels can be decreased very easily, avoiding
estrogen producing foods, and using herbal support to balance the hormones back to
normal levels.

Suggested Herbal Supplements
There are a variety of different herbs that can be used in combination with each other.
Specific formula's can be made according to each individual, although this is a good
general formula that will be very useful for all.
Vitex- hormone normalizer, balances estrogen and progesterone
False Unicorn - uterine tonic, emmenagogue, anthelmintic
Black Cohosh - uterine tonic, anti-spasmodic, hormone balancing
Wild Yam -uterine tonic, progesterone producing, anti-spasmodic
Prickly Ash -circulatory and lymphatic stimulant, alterative
Valerian or Skullcap - nervine relaxers, antispasmodics

Getting rid of candida is very important.  Some good herbs to help kill off candida overgrowth are
pau d'arco, purple loosestrife, greasewood, and white pondlily.  Of course, avoid sugar, vinegar,
processed white flour, and anything that will turn to glucose after digestion.  Sugar/glucose
feeds the candida.  

A combination of herbs will help to tone and strengthen the uterus, balance the hormones,
reducing estrogen and increasing progesterone production. It will ease painful cramps and
spasms and will help to drain lymphatic and uterine tissue. It will also help ease the nerves
and mood swings that accompany hormone imbalance. It is important to remember that IT
Continue the program for at least 90 days!

While you may see some improvement right away, the symptoms will continue to improve
over a few months time. Please stick with the herbal formula for 3-6 months. This should be
taken 2-3x a day. The diet should be modified, generally reducing animal products that
contain natural and synthetic hormones (especially beef, pork, and dairy!), and eating a
whole and varied diet. Include good liver foods and herbs such as beets, carrots, lemons,
dandelion and burdock roots, bitter greens in salads.

Other herbals that will help bring about hormonal balance are: natural progesterone cream
such as Pro G Yam, and Female Comfort from Natures Sunshine Products.  Evening Primrose,
Red Raspberry Leaf, and Crampbark and False Unicorn are wonderful herbs to harmonize the
female system

Written in conjunction with Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND of Asheville, NC.
Article:  Endometriosis