It is very important to schedule a
personal consultation with an
iridologist/naturopathic doctor.

This first consultation is important to
help discover where your present
and potential health problems lie.
Tri-iriscope - microscope and SLR digital
camera imaging equipment Gael uses to
photograph iris, sclera, and pupillary zoom
I will speak on varied topics in accordance with your
educational facility, business, or group.  Some of those
Iridology - with Power Point Presentation. Study of the iris
and sclera of the eyes and how it can non-invasively
assess the body condition presently.  As well as a tool for
preventive healthcare.
Dealing with Stress in the Workplace - information on how
stress affects the body as well as natural alternatives and
lifestyle changes
Naturopathy - What exactly is a naturopathic doctor and
how can one help me.  
Herbology - How natural plant, supplement, and enzymes
sources can strengthen defense against disease, alter
unharmonious balances in health, and protect and extend
life processes.
  • UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing
  • Alverno college of Nursing
  • Marquette College of Nursing
  • WEX group - Mount Mary College
  • BNI group - Hartford, WI
  • Mayo Satellite Clinic
  • Gayatri Center for Healing,Brookfield
Classes on various topics can be taught in a location of your
choosing.  Click here to find out more about class topics.
Professional Appearances
  • Radio Programs
  • Television appearances
Professional Services