Blue (Lymphatic) Iris  - Information on common
predispositions for this iris color
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Blue Eyes (Lymphatic)

“Where did you get your eyes so blue? Out of the
Sky as I came through.”
              ------George MacDonald
Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are called ‘lymphatic’ by iridologists because a main physical characteristic
of blue eyed people is a genetic weakness of the lymphatic system.
Blue irises can
appear primarily blue with shadings of blue-white, white-blue, blue-
gray, blue-black, or a greenish
appearance. When the eye appears green , it is
important to look to the kidneys for signs of stress or weakness.

Physical Tendencies

If you were born with blue eyes you most likely came into this world carrying an
ancestral predisposition to kidney and lymph congestion, an over acid body chemistry
is common, arthritis and rheumatic conditions, skin eruptions, and irritation of the
mucosal tissues.  Tonsils, appendix, peyers patches, spleen, and all immune tissue are
included and one or more may be affected.
Lymph congestion would result in frequent colds, or a possible immune system
dysfunction.  Infections may be common, such as ear infections, sinus infections, and
swelling of the lymph nodes. The lymph fluid flows throughout the body, is a clear
liquid derived from blood plasma and is rich in cells.  As the blood plasma circulates
throughout the body, some of it passes out of the circulatory system and becomes
interstitial fluid (or lymph). Lymph is returned to the venous system through two large
lymphatic ducts, the thoracic duct and the right lymphatic duct.  The lymph system
transports absorbed fats away from the digestive tract and into the circulatory
system.  Since our hormones are carried by fats, you can see one vital importance in
this system.
The lymph system provides immunological defense against disease causing agents.  
Lymph filters through lymph nodes which contain phagocytic cells and germinal
centers that product lymphocytes.  So the strength of our immune system is reliant on
the lymphatic system.  
Blood tends to dump excess toxins into the lymph fluid.  Lymph has no exit from the
body, so it relies on the detoxification body systems of the colon, kidney, respiratory,
and skin to provide the passage for cleansing.  
In this manner, while the lymphatic system is the primary area of weakness for blue
eyed people, the major elimination systems of kidney, colon, and respiratory,  are still
important for blue eyed people, as they are for other color eyes.  
While one bodily system may need extra nurturing, we must treat the body as a whole
systematic working entity, and not deny awareness of full body support.

Emotional Tendencies

The lymphatic system most closely relates to the emotion of apathy.  Often a person
who has a strong genetic code for the lymphatic emotional predisposition will have
difficulty receiving.  Examples of how this issue can manifest could be feeling
inadequate to receive gifts, to receive love from others or even oneself, or an inability
to receive compliments.  Have you ever had someone say, “That’s a nice outfit on you.”
and your reply may be “Oh, this old thing, I’ve had this forever.”  Rather than saying a
simple, “Thank you, I appreciate that!
“Self-esteem may be an issue.  Negative thought patterns are likely to be on the order
of: “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t feel like it.”, “I just can’t do it, so why even try.” ,  
“What’s the use?”   These issues of self limitation can most certainly be overcome.  
They may vary dramatically with each person.
Spoken affirmations could include:  “I am worthy”,  “I deserve to be happy, I deserve to
achieve success and recognition.”, “I can do anything I decide to do, and I can succeed
at it.”,  “I love myself and I am worthy of love from others.”
These people need to work on feelings of personal empowerment to negate the sense
of vulnerability.
A mother came to my office with her five year old daughter.  She was at her wit’s end,
as is so often the case before someone seeks alternative modalities.  For two years the
child had had chronic ear infections of such severity that she went once or twice
weekly to a major hospital to have her ears flushed out.  The consequence of these
constant infections and scar tissue was, sadly, that the child was beginning to go
deaf.  The young mother looked as though her heart would break when she said, “She’
s so brave, the flushing is terribly painful; but she bears it as quietly as she can.”  The
family was beginning to learn sign language.
A look in the little one’s eyes showed a lovely blue iris; but with very much congestion
in the lymphatic system.  It also revealed a colon that was sluggish and toxic.  How
could a colon become toxic at so young an age?  Quite easily really; if the genetics
prove that the colon is sluggish from birth, then the toxins will accumulate causing
mucous congestion and re-entry of toxic substances through the permeable barrier of
the intestinal walls.  A diet change which eliminated all dairy (which is mucus
forming) and herbal and vitamin supplements to encourage elimination, and
decongestion of the lymph system were in order.  The mother was also instructed to
gently massage the Eustachian area from the ear down the neck with a combination of
herbal extracts to encourage drainage.  
The next visit the mother announced that they had cancelled the ear flushing for that
week because the pain and inflammation were gone from the child’s ears.  They
continued flushing, but on a much more bearable basis, as the little girl’s situation
had improved.  

Nutritional Supplementation and Diet Changes

Since lymph is circulated mainly by exercise, rather than the pumping action of the
heart, it can become stagnated in an under active body.  All people benefit from
exercise.  People with a lymphatic eye will achieve benefits which help that genetically
weaker area by exercising daily.  Incompletely digested food and poor bowel
management compound the problem of congested lymph fluid.  Taking digestive
enzymes is of utmost importance.  Keeping the bowel moving regularly is also
extremely critical.  When partially digested food particles re-enter the blood stream
and extra cellular fluid, the body recognizes them as foreign invaders and the immune
systems creates mucous to encapsulate and destroy them.  This process weakens the
immune system and congests the lymphatic fluid even further.  If the bowel is
plugged, the irritated bowel wall becomes weakened and allows even more food and
poisons through the leaky gut.  The poisons further congest lymph fluid and create
illness due to weakened lymphatic response.  This also contributes to food allergies
because the immune system reacts each time you eat the food that was “leaked”.  
If you eat three meals a day, then you should have 3 bowel movements a day, or at
least two.  The bowel transit time (time food enters the mouth until it exits the body)
should be twelve to eighteen hours.  Any more than this will create a situation of
putrefaction in the colon and re-entry of poisons into the body.
Bowel cleanses can be achieved with a variety of herbs in a combination.  Laxatives
alone do not cleanse the plaque build-up of fecal matter in the colon.
Adequate fiber is important for everyone on a daily basis.  Colonics is an option.
Plenty of water will aid the kidneys and bowels in flushing out debris.  The general
rule of thumb is to drink one half of your body weight in ounces daily.  So a 100lb
person would drink 50 ounces of pure filtered water throughout the day.  Do not try
to drink the water in great amounts at a time, or you will find yourself eliminating too
much.  The body can only absorb two ounces every half hour.  So in order to keep the
body hydrated it is essential to maintain a steadily spaced drinking regime.  When
beginning to dramatically increase your water intake you will find a need to go to the
rest room frequently.  Do not let this stop your commitment to drink more water
because within a general period of three days, your bladder will happily accustom
itself to more water and will adjust.
Oregon Grape - is one of the best lymphatic cleansers available. Oregon Grape is a
bitter herb with detergent and antibiotic qualities for cleansing and clearing
infections. In addition, Oregon grape can tackle problems of the liver, joints, and
imbalances of both female and male reproductive organs.
Cleavers - is another terrific herb with many actions.  It is especially good for the
kidneys, liver, pancreas, and spleen (the spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the
Not to be outdone, Blue Flag -  is an herb which influences all bodily fluids, digestive
juices, blood stream, urinary flow, alimentary canal, glandular secretions, and
especially the lymphatic.  This herb has great energy to detoxify and is often
combined with other herbs to slow its role of cleaning bodily fluid, so as not to elicit
an uncomfortable response to detoxifying too quickly.

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