Heart rate variability
What is Heart Rate Variability?
This is a degree of variance that reflects the heart's ability to adapt to changing
circumstances by detecting and quickly responding to unpredictable stimuli.

Using the DPA machine, which is an FDA approved device for measuring both
PTG and HRV, we can measure the beat-to-beat fluctuations in the rhythm of the
heart and the intervals between successive complexes.

Sophisticated software enables us to measure imperceptible time differences
between normal beats.
So what does this measurement tell us?

This non-invasive test helps us to measure the interaction between sympathetic ('fight or flight' energy) and
parasympathetic (the opposite, or 'relaxation' response) in autonomic functioning.

It reflects the body's ability to adapt to performance at maximum efficiency.

It gives us a measurement of overall health and well-being.
Low Heart Rate Variability has been shown in
mortality rate in both healthy and unhealthy subjects.  
HRV can be a predictor of all-cause mortality.
Autonomic Nervous System Disorders displayed in
Low HRV:
*Cardiac Disease
* Diabetes
*Connective Tissue Disorder (Lupus)
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Nutritional Deficiencies
*Long-term alcoholism
*Chronic renal disease
* Hypertension
*Anxiety/Panic Attacks
* Chronic Pain
*Silent Inflammation

By understanding HRV results we can
determine protocol for re-balancing of the
sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous
system. This may include such therapies as
yoga, meditation, chiropractic, acupuncture,
nutritional supplementation, adrenal
support, pitutitary/hypothalamus and
RNA/DNA support for instance.  
The goal is to have proper communication
between the brain and the peripheral
nervous system.
The Heart Rate Variability test can be
done in my office using the FDA
approved Digital Pulsewave Analyser
This is a non-invasive 5 minute test
using an LED light finger probe.  
Cost of the test is just
$50.00 - Receive both the
HRV test and the PTG, arterial elasticity analysis
for just $65.00.
Gael Riverz is a traditional naturopathic doctor and does not diagnose, prescribe, or
treat disease or illness.