There are two events in my life
that solidify
my faith in the power of
These monuments will forever
bring me back
to that core belief that each of
us has the
ability to control who we are,
what we choose to think, and
what we choose to do with our
My family has an inherent weakness in the area of hormonal
balance.  I have three aunts who were unable to bear children; my
sister has been unable to conceive, even after trying fertility
drugs and lazer surgery; and I had surgery years ago to enable me
to have the children I longed for.  At this time, my surgery was
called a 'wedge resection' and served to surgically remove a pie
shaped section of each ovary so that the egg could penetrate the
ovarian walls that had become thickened from fibroid cysts.
With this history in mind, I was not surprised when my daughter,
Morgan, did not menstruate.  From the tender age of sixteen, her
OB/GYN induced menstrual periods with the use of birth control
pills.  Morgan detested this, and would put it off as long as
possible.  The forced menstruation was debilitating, with
agonizing cramps and heavy bleeding. Her doctor had also told
Morgan that it was unlikely she would ever have children.
I began looking for an answer which would help Morgan to
achieve a period naturally.I encouraged her to begin a program of
pau d'arco, essiac tea, and shark cartilage to help dissolve the
cysts on her ovaries. She also included a combination of female
corrective herbs which included red raspberry, alfalfa, dong quai,
blessed thistle, and black cohosh to target her reproductive
system.  Along with this, Morgan took a combination of herbs to
strengthen the entire endocrine system; particularly the pituitary
gland which is the master conductor for our endocrine system.  
Within three months Morgan began normal periods, without the
heavy cramping and bleeding that was a side effect of the birth
control pills.  She had mixed feelings about this; because she
admitted to enjoying the freedom of not having to deal with
menstruation for the better portion of each year.
At this point it seemed the victory was won.  Another point scored
for the incredible  power of herbs to return the body to
homeostasis. However, both my daughter and I had naively
stopped short in realizing that this restored balance could
presage further events.
When Morgan announced her pregnancy, my jaw dropped.  Her
husband, who had learned to accept their lives as being childless,
seemed dazed.   This baffled look he wore seemed plastered to
his countenance from that day until the day their daughter, Sierra,
was born.  I will never forget the glorious moment when the
doctor held up the newborn and announced, "This is the
healthiest looking baby I've seen in a long time."

About this same time, my daughter-in-law was expecting her first
child.  Wendy's doctor sent her to a High-Risk Specialist after the
ultra sound revealed only two channels in the umbilical cord,
rather than three.  Two channels are meant to deliver nutrients to
the fetus and one carries waste out of the womb.  The doctor
explained their concern that the baby could be born with Down's
Syndrome, but would definitely be undersized, due to the missing
umbilical channel.  Wendy was monitored closely with frequent
ultra-sounds as well as comparative measurements taken of the
baby's head growth.
We knew it was imperative to get as much nutrition as possible
through that single channel.  Wendy began taking raspberry leaf
herb, alfalfa, kelp, and dandelion.  The alfalfa was taken in
concentrated form as this herb directly feeds the pituitary gland,
which in turn promotes growth.  Wendy was faithful in taking her
supplements throughout her entire pregnancy.
I had the good fortune to be present at this granddaughter's birth
also.  The delivery room was filled with no less than eight hospital
personnel as the time approached for the baby's birth.  The staff
were solicitous and kind; and they were fully prepared for a
preemie.  When Wendy was in transition, and barely aware of
comments around her, one of the doctors said to staff, "We don't
expect the baby to be over five pounds."
I stood on the side, with my son's mother-in-law, waiting
anxiously as a chorus of medical students, nurses, and doctors
chanted in unison, "push, push, push".  Each time the baby's head
crowned, we held our breaths, and then the tiny wet head would
disappear.  Again the chorus....."push, push, push".  Finally that
triumphant moment came when the baby slipped out and
everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and a shout of exhilaration.  
Everyone feels as though they have somehow participated in, and
not just observed, a miraculous event.
Kaitlynn was born, and she weighed a glorious 7.6 pounds, had
perfect color, and was strong and healthy in every way.  The
hospital preparations for an undersized, undernourished baby
were not needed.  The comments around the room were, "Maybe
there were three channels after all."  So a portion of the umbilical
cord was taken to the lab to be analyzed.  The result showed that,
indeed, only two channels had been present.
Two beautiful granddaughters.  Uncertain beginnings...but with
the help of proper nutrition, and positive thinking.....two very
precious gifts.
The information in this article is intended for education purposes only.  It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or
replace medical treatment.
Article: Fertility and Well Baby - Case histories
Sierra and Kaitlynn