Gael is a  traditional naturopathic doctor,
board ceriftified iridologist, certified
sclerologist, and certified natural health
Disclaimer: Gael Riverz is a traditional naturopath, and as such, does not give medical
advice, prevent or treat disease and/or nutrition as regulated by the state of Wisconsin.  I
encourage my clients to consult their primary care physician in all medical matters.
ANMA, American Naturopathic
Medical Assn; AANC, American
Assoc. of Nutritional Consultants;
IIPA, International Iridology
Practitioners Assn;ISI, International
Sclerology Institute
A frequent complaint I hear from clients is that their medical doctors are
too busy to fully listen to them during a brief visit to the average MD or
specialist. Although I must stress that I am NOT a medical doctor.  Most of
my clients have their medical doctor that they regularly see; and then they
come to me for help in determining an overall health program designed just
for them. The role that a naturopath/iridologist can play in your overall
health needs, both now and for prevention, are invaluable.

I am different from your medical doctor for many reasons.
I spend a great deal of time with my clients, particularly for the first
consultation.  The ratio of time to fee is reasonable.
A naturopathic doctor looks at not 'disease', but at the body systems that
are out of balance or harmony.  From this approach, one can expect to
discover the underlying reason for one's particular symptoms.  While a
headache can be alleviated with an aspirin, the aspirin will not prevent
further headaches.  Therefore, the 'root' cause has not been discovered. A
naturopathic doctor will look further to find if the body's endocrine system
is out of balance, if the nervous system is stressed, or if the circulatory
system may be a causal factor, to name a few.   Each person is unique.
The headache is obviously not a symptom of aspirin deficiency.....but very
well may indicate a deficiency of nourishment to the body in one or more
areas; or a build-up of toxic encumbrances.
What to expect at your first visit:
A series of 17 state-of-the-art magnified digital images will be taken of
your irises and sclera (white portion) of the eye.  These images will be
brought up immediately on the computer screen for you to view. I will go
over each photo to outline the strengths and weakness, as well as possible
accumulations, such as: overacid body pH, cholesterol/inorganic salt plaque
build-up, toxic accumulations, mucous or lymphatic congestion, or uric acid
build up.  This over-all body picture is an advantageous step in directing
your health program to both strengthen and prevent.  
I will listen to all of your health concerns and do an intake form regarding
your dietary habits and past and present medical history.
Taking notes and correlating what I see in your eyes as well as what I hear
from you personally is paramount in the initial assessment.
Finally I use kinesiology to test energetic responses along meridian
pathways as well as vitamin/mineral points, and organ strength or weakness.
Kinesiology is also a helpful tool in determining which supplements are
uniquely for the unique person you are.  Each of us is special and each of us
will respond differently to the same herb or supplement.  This is why people
so often fail to get a positive response when they pick out supplements by
relying on media or simple written information.  Understanding the
synergistic workings of the body will help me to determine if diet changes
are required.
Can I take my preferred brand of supplements?
This is a common question.  My purpose as a naturopath/iridologist is to
assess your overall body health and help you to find and maintain a program
to reach a goal to feel good, ward off disease, and have energy to fully
appreciate life!
I feel it is my duty to do the required research on various herbal companies
to find the ones that maintain both high potency and quality regulation
assurance.  Therefore, I use a few companies so that I might have products
readily available for people to begin their programs.  Then when they feel
that they are progressing, they can (and I prefer this) order their products
wholesale direct from the companies. I do not have an interest in dealing
with retail products to any great extent, other than to get clients off to a
promising, productive start. If a client has interest in an herbal/supplement
company that they trust, I am happy to work with them with this.  There are
many fine companies for us to choose from.

Gael can be reached at (262) 470-0005 Address: 2574 Sun Valley Dr.,
Ste.203, Delafield, WI 53018