People often ask me how I became interested in natural health.
It began in a twofold manner.  For some years I owned and operated a pet
grooming salon and retail store.  I found that dog and cat owners were asking
me health questions because I knew their pets intimately and I saw them every
six to eight weeks.  This was much more frequent than the average pet visited
his veterinarian.  I saw terrible skin allergies, tumors, and premature aging,
among the many ailments that beset animals today.  I started doing nutritional
studying and found that diet changes and addition of supplements made
dramatic changes in these pets. Owners were delighted.

Personally, I had suffered from respiratory problems as a child. Throughout my
adult years it progressed to chronic sinusitis.  I learned that the Chinese
medical practitioners drew a close relationship between the respiratory system
and the system of elimination through the large intestine.  I began a regimen of
herbal colon cleansing, and took herbs to strengthen my lungs as well as thin
the mucous.  I changed my diet to limit mucous forming foods such as milk.  I
went from taking antibiotics on a monthly basis to being completely free of
sinus problems.  I  have not suffered a sinus infection in 18 years.

I am dedicated to helping people to achieve health through natural means. I
especially love the art of continuous education, and attend seminars and
voraciously read periodicals about natural health, as well as keep abreast of
pharmaceuticals in the interest of my clients.  After I obtained my doctorate as a
naturopath, I found that the study of Iridology fascinated me more than all of
the subjects that I learned.  I went on to specialize in Iridology, and find it the
most revealing of the various tools I use to determine the suggestions that I
give to each person I see.

I have four grown children, and three granddaughters who are all the loves of
my life.
Gael and family: Son, Aaron, Son, Adam, Gael
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